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Tellus is a satellite data platform of Japan. We offer satellite data and more to support your business creation.

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Satellite Data Features

What you can do with satellite data

Monitoring land fertility, crude oil, nightlight by satellites enables us to estimate crop yields, oil stockpiling and GDP rate.

Satellite data business

In some cases, counting cars in a parking lot by satellites enables us to predict the company’s performance and stock price.

Satellite data business

Monitoring wide forests by satellites enables us to generate vegetation mapping or pest-infested damages to manage.

Satellite data business

Observing the ocean where 90% of the world’s transport depends enables us to track shipping routes and detect illegal fishing vessel locations for maritime insurance and rescue operations.

Satellite data business

Monitoring sea surface temperature, phytoplankton and sea levels enables us to map fish under the water. These data also enable fish farming risk analysis.

Satellite data business

Monitoring agricultural lands enables us to predict crop yields, stages of growth and ripening and harvest timing. This greatly helps farmers raise productivity and profit.

Satellite data business
  • Fixed asset survey

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Product Features

Tellus services

Find data

Data catalog
Tellus offer wide range of satellite data including terrestrial data. You can select any data by types or advantages according to your business and research objectives.
Tellus offer wide range of satellite data for your business and research objectives.
Satellite data
Japanese and other countries’ public/commercial satellite data is dealt in Tellus
Satellite data list
Terrestrial data
Using satellite data together expands use methods.
Terrestrial data list

Use data

Search satellite data
You can search satellite data scenes with viewing imagery on the map. Direct downloading is available for some data. You can also find priced data to purchase. You can search satellite data with your conditions
Find data in Tellus Traveler
Simple analysis on browser
You can simply analyze satellite data for change detection and/or interferometry on a browser. Recommended for beginners or when you see how data analysis works. You can perform simple satellite data analysis on browser.
Start analysis
Development/analysis environment
You can perform in-depth analysis or develop applications with data. More detailed analysis is available than a simple analysis on a browser. You can perform in-depth analysis or develop applications.
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For Your Business

Start your business with Tellus

Tellus always seek partners to create a business together. Sketch new use ways of satellite data with us.

Use Tellus for your business

Develop service and tool
You can develop services or applications using satellite data on Tellus with a wide range of data and development settings and environment.
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Sell your data

Disseminate/sell your data
You can disseminate your data to Tellus users with various settings on user restrictions, price and more.
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