Are there any prohibited behaviors in the market?

In order to make the market better for our users, the following actions are prohibited.

【About the sale of the product】

  • Encourage payments other than those provided by the Tellus market.
    • If you make payments without going through Tellus, you might not be able to use products on Tellus even though you had made a payment.
  • Conducting fictitious transactions on the Tellus market.
    • Using the Tellus market for transactions that are not related to the Tellus market.
  • Knowingly trading in prohibited products Please check here for information on prohibited products.
  • Making a disclaimer of not accepting returns even if there is a problem with the product.
    • Facilitating false settings or disclosing incorrect information.


    • Directing users to external sites that are not related to Tellus Market.
    • Actions that offend public order and morals.
      • Acts for the purpose of defamation
      • Spamming
      • Soliciting
    • Other activities that violate the law.