2-6. Canceling a product

Canceling a product

The cancellation terms for Tellus Market products vary by billing plan.

Billing plan Payment timing
One-time purchase There is no cancellation because the product can be used at any time.

Monthly billing

Cancellation will take place at the end of the month in which the cancellation
request is received.
Pay-per-use After making a cancellation request, the usage fee will be settled and the
cancellation will be immediate.

1. Log in to Tellus and go to "Purchased".

2. Click the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the product you want to cancel.

After cancellation, monthly-billed products will be indicated with the "Cancellation procedure completed" status, and the product will be canceled at the end of the month and removed from the list of "Purchased" products.

Pay-per-use products will be removed from the "Purchased" list immediately after the usage fee is settled.

Please note that if your credit card payment is not successful, cancellation cannot be completed.

Please change the card information accordingly and perform the cancellation procedure again.