4-4. Message from customers

Message from customers

This function allows you to exchange messages with customers who have purchased products.

This function is for communicating with customers about the corresponding product. Please do not use it to advertise other products.

This function is for responding to messages from customers. It is not possible for a provider to send a message to the customer without a message from the customer.

1. When you receive a message from a customer, you will be notified via email and dashboard.

2. Log in to Tellus and go to "Messages".


3. Press the "Providers" tab to see a list of messages from customers. Click on the "View" button for the message you wish to review.


4. Read the customer's message, enter a response in the window at the bottom, and press the "Send" button.

The message will be sent to the customer. If you receive a reply from the customer, we will notify you again via email and dashboard.