5-2. Cancellation of provider membership

Cancellation of provider membership

5-2-1. Overview

This section describes the procedure to cancel your provider membership in the Tellus Market. To cancel your membership, the following conditions must be met.


The product deletion procedure has been completed (Please note that the deletion of an item from the dashboard will not take effect immediately).

・Deposits for product sales have been completed Furthermore, the product development environment provided by Tellus will also be withdrawn upon cancellation. Products released in this environment will be deleted when the environment is withdrawn.

Users are requested to delete products released in the environment that they have prepared as appropriate.

5-2-2. Cancellation procedure

1. Log in to the dashboard and click "Product Management" from the menu on the left.


2. Click the "Cancellation of Provider Membership" button at the bottom left of the account management screen.


3. Select the reason for cancellation and click the "Request Cancellation" button.


*If the conditions are not met, the following message will be displayed. Please take action according to the description.


4. The request completion screen will be displayed.


5. After the procedure is completed, a request acceptance message will be delivered to your dashboard.