Tellus Market Overview


The Tellus Market is where people buy and sell products.

Product sellers are called "providers," and product buyers are called "customers."

To sell products in the market, you will need to apply as a provider first.

This section will explain how to apply as a provider.

Please follow the steps below to apply as a provider.



・You will need to apply and register with Tellus in advance.

・After registering as a provider, your application will be reviewed. Depending on the result of the review, we may not be able to meet your request. Thank you for acknowledging this in advance.

・It takes about 5 business days for the result of the provider review.

・The two provider registration conditions are as follows.

・You must have proof of identity (driver's license, passport, etc.) provided by the Japanese government

・You must have a bank account in Japan

・To launch a paid product in the market, you will need to go through a separate ID verification.