Product development

3-2-1. Technical requirements of APIs that can be provided in the Tellus Market

It is recommended that APIs offered in the Tellus Market be designed based on REST.

If you already have a REST API that you are providing, you can release it to the market as it is.

Furthermore, before a product is launched, the Tellus Management Office will conduct a "product review" to determine if the product is suitable for listing in the Tellus Market.

3-2-2. The API gateway

The APIs that are provided in the Tellus Market must function through the gateway. Follow the steps below to configure the gateway server. The gateway acts as a reverse proxy server.

The gateway communicates with the market management server ( and reports on things such as authentication and billing.

The gateway can be located on the same server as the API or on a different online server.

3-2-3. How to configure the Market SDK gateway

See Tellus' Github for more information on the Market SDK gateway.

Follow the instructions in "" to configure the settings. The installation command is as follows.

curl | sudo bash