What are the criteria for product screening?

There are two main types of product screening.It's a technical and policy review.

(1) Technical review

 The main points to be checked in the technical audit are the following

・Performance, stability and responsiveness provided by the app
・No crashes, forced termination, freezes, or other abnormal behavior.
・The ability to collect appropriate logs for verification in the event of a failure.

・Ensure that the expected functional behavior is performed at the appropriate permission level
・Require minimum permissions to provide functionality
・Do not occupy unnecessary computing resources
・Secure handling of data and personal information
・Do not communicate unnecessarily.
・Do not collect unnecessary personal information.
・When collecting or retaining data that contains personal information, the content and method of collection and retention shall be inspected.

(2) Policy review

 The policy review will primarily look at the following

・It does not contain inappropriate content
・Offensive to public order and morals
・Defamatory, discriminatory, or malicious content, including biased references or interpretations of specific groups
・Realistic depictions of the killing, injury, torture, and abuse of humans or animals
・Representations that encourage the illegal or disregardful use of weapons or hazardous materials, or the purchase of guns or ammunition.
・Indecent Content.
・Incendiary religious interpretations, inaccurate or misleading references to religious texts
・Inaccurate information and features, including inaccurate device data or trick/joke features, such as false location tracking information
・Doing Business in the Market
・Billing methods and amounts
・Whether or not other products are required for use. If necessary, is it clearly stated?
・Customer permissions
・Is the content in line with Tellus' basic policies?
・Free reasons within Tellus
・Availability of downloads outside Tellus
・Free use of secondary deliverables
・Copyright notice on secondary deliverables
・Customer Prohibitions
・Ensure that your settings do not violate Tellus' basic policies (e.g., prohibit the free use of secondary deliverables)
・legal compliance
・Is there a problem with the notation on specific commercial transactions?
・Is the return policy clearly stated?
・Are there any inappropriate expressions that violate the Act on Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations?
・Is the privacy policy unreasonably (without explanation) collected?
・You are not infringing a copyright.

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