Browser-based simple analysis tool

You can analyze satellite data on a browser.
This is for when you use satellite data for the first time, consider using Tellus, or want to simply analyze satellite data on a browser.

Try data analysis quickly and easily

Based on satellite data, you can analyze it for change detection and/or other purposes on a browser. No need to structure the environment, nor install applications.

Select tool

Select a tool offered in "add-ins" in “Tool catalog” and apply for purchase.
* Please note that free tools also require an applying-to-purchase process for a system technical reason.

Tool Catalog

Use with Tellus OS

You can use tools with Tellus OS once your purchase completes.
Various satellite data on Tellus are also available for viewing.
Try them with the analysis tools.

When you want your analysis flexible

This is when you want more detailed and extensive analysis.
You can request the development/analysis environment on Tellus.
We offer cloud servers of various specs to fit with your needs.
You can choose the environment depending on the scale and scope of your analysis.

Development/analysis environment