Promoting Usage of Tellus

Tellus is not only providing the function of data platform but also work on various activities to invite more users.

  • - Hands-on seminars where participants can learn satellite data basics to use it on Tellus.
  • - e-Learning contents where participants can learn satellite data basics to use it on Tellus.
  • - Community events “Tellus Satellite Cafe” for Tellus users

Furthermore, owned-media - sorabatake - delivers the latest Tellus topics, satellite analysis use cases, and world space news.

Learning Events

Hands-on seminar

Participants can learn the basics of satellite data, how to use data on Tellus and analysis methods in a practice-based program to use satellite data and analysis tools provided on Tellus.

Tellus Satellite held BootCamp for programming practice with Python using satellite data.

QGIS analysis hands-on seminar was a data analysis practice program to learn how to analyze Tellus satellite data on QGIS.

Tellus Satellite BootCamp

e-Larning contents

Online courses are available on Tellus: “Tellus training program for beginners” to learn the basics of Python and satellite data analysis, “Tellus Trainer” to learn the basics of satellite data and its analysis methods on Tellus, “QGIS hands-on practice with Tellus satellite data”.

Tellus Trainer

“Tellus Satellite Challenge” a data analysis competition

Data scientists compete for the best algorithm on Tellus Satellite Challenge, a data analysis competition.
Find past competitions here.

Community events “Tellus Satellite Cafe”

Community building activities are held in random basis; Tellus latest information and guest speaker talks where Tellus users solve their questions and socialize with other users.

Owned-media - sorabatake

Owned-media - sorabatake introduces Tellus latest information, various news on world space businesses, satellite data use cases and more.